Englisches Theater “Spooked”

On Monday the 27th of January the 3rd and the 4th class went to the English play in Eggenburg. It was called “Spooked” by Sean Atita based on Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost”. It started at 8:30 in the auditorium in the NMS. I liked it because it was funny and it is a good exercise for our English. My favourite actors were Mrs. Umney and Washington.
They played very funny and well.
The story was about a ghost called Sir Simon who lived in Canterville Hall. He had to be a ghost because he killed his wife because he had been jealous.
One day an American family called Otis bought the house. The ghost began to haunt. The family was a bit scared, but they understood the ghost. So they helped him to get rid of the curse and then they gave the Hall back to Lord Canterville and Sir Simon was happy.
(Victoria; 7th grade)

I’m going to tell you about the English play we saw. It was on Monday the 27th of January in Eggenburg.
It was about a cursed ghost who had killed his wife. A Lord lived in the castle for many years, but Mrs Otis bought this castle. Mrs. Otis had two children, a daughter and a son. When they moved in, the ghost only appeared to the children. The mother thought they were crazy until she saw the ghost herself.
They helped the ghost to get rid of his curse.
What I liked best was that this play wasn’t boring, but rather funny. My favourite actress was Mrs. Otis because she was cool.
I really liked everything.
(Leonie, 8th grade)